Health Literacy Consulting

Health literacy is about mutual understanding. It happens when patients (or caregivers, the public, or anyone on the receiving end of health communication) and providers (clinicians, public health specialists, organizations, and others on the giving end of this communication) truly understand each other.

Helen Osborne can help.
She does this through presentations that teach practical how-to strategies, podcast interviews about real-world experiences, and plain language editing of health materials. Helen’s book, Health Literacy from A to Z, is widely used as a required text in many educational programs for health professionals. Helen also founded the worldwide awareness-raising campaign, Health Literacy Month.
Health Literacy Consultant Helen Osborne

Helen’s services and resources include:

How-To Tips and Articles


Helen is author of the award-winning book, Health Literacy from A to Z. This practical how-to guide is for everyone who wants to learn ways to more clearly communicate about health.

Health Literacy Consulting Podcast


In her podcast series Health Literacy Out Loud, Helen Osborne interviews those “in the know” about many aspects of health communication, patient education, and health literacy.

Health Literacy Presentations


Helen speaks about health literacy across the U.S. and around the world. She does so in keynote presentations, workshops, and panel conversations. These can be in-person, virtual, or a combination of formats.

Plain Language Writing and Editing Services

Plain Language Editing

Plain language is about writing in ways that readers can read, understand, and use. Helen can help by editing materials using plain language principles and suggesting ways to make plain language a part of everyday practice

Helen Osborne Health Literacy Communication

Helen Osborne can help you communicate clearly!

Helen Osborne, M.Ed, OTR helps professionals communicate health information in ways that patients and the public can understand. Helen brings to this work her experience as an occupational therapist, training as an educator, and perspective as a patient and caregiver.

About the Book

Health Literacy from A to Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message, Third Edition (2022) is written for everyone who cares about clearly communicating health messages. Whether you are a clinician, public health specialist, community worker, patient, caregiver, health care instructor, or student, this book is for you.

Health Literacy from A to Z, 3rd Edition by Helen Osborne
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Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast

Listen in as Helen Osborne interviews those in-the-know about many aspects of health communication, patient education, and health literacy. You will hear real-world experiences about why health literacy matters and learn practical ways to help.

Here are links to the newest Health Literacy Out Loud episodes:


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“Thank you for your excellent work on this script as well as all the others! You make the scripts and projects even better. We greatly appreciate your expertise and collaborating with us to improve medical care for those who most need it.”

Aretha Delight Davis MD, JD & Angelo Volandes MD, MPH
Co-founders and chief executives of ACP Decisions

“Everyone who attended your workshop really, really liked it and found it immensely useful. The evaluations were stellar and people thought it really helped them think in new, useful, and concrete ways. We all now understand that we don’t need to be artists to communicate in pictures!”
Jeannie Hess, Community Service Program Liaison
Harvard Medical School

Helen’s monthly How-To Tips

Communicating Bad and Sad News

Health professionals often find it challenging to communicate upsetting or unexpected news. This includes sad news such as a grim diagnosis or prognosis. Or bad news like a lapse in communicating lab results. I wrote an article on this topic a while ago, based on...

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How Adults Learn

All provider-patient encounters are opportunities for learning and teaching, even when not labeled as such. “Teachers” can be clinicians or anyone else responsible for health instruction. “Students” may be patients, caregivers, or others receiving this information....

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Asking: A Way to Know if Others Understand

You spoke about a certain topic. You wrote about it, too. You even drew pictures explaining more. But will your audience understand and relate to the information that you are trying to convey? The best way I know to find out is by asking. Here are examples about...

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