Health Literacy

Take Action: Be a Health Literacy Hero

Helen Osborne will lead a series of activities designed to help participants move from general health literacy know-how to specific and realistic action-planning. The goal of this dynamic session is that participants leave prepared to start doing what’s needed to improve health literacy in their setting. This works best as the closing session for a longer conference.

Topics include:

  • Identifying key concepts heard, learned, or introduced earlier in the conference.
  • Brainstorming effective and practical ways to improve health understanding.
  • Overcoming obstacles when putting health literacy into practice.
  • Identifying at least one action to take as a result of today’s learning. In other words, finding ways to be a Health Literacy Hero.

Once you and Helen agree to work together, she will:

  • Customize presentations. Helen will ask you to complete a Pre-Program Questionnaire (PPQ) and then schedule a call to discuss it. This way, Helen can adapt her talk to meet the specific needs, goals, and preferences of your audience.
  • Provide a master copy of her handout. This is not a collection of slides. Instead, Helen’s handouts are filled with valuable how-to information and resources that participants can use as reference after the presentation ends.
  • Discuss discount options when purchasing multiple copies of her book, Health Literacy from A to Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message, Second Edition.
  • Work with you to obtain continuing education credits. This includes providing a timed agenda with teaching formats and behavioral objectives. Helen will also send you her CV.
  • Help promote your event. Helen will gladly review your promotional materials and be available for radio and television interviews.
To learn more and schedule a presentation, email Helen Osborne or call 508-653-1199.
Helen Osborne Speaking on Health Literacy

"Our deepest thanks for helping us to kick off the Pennsylvania Health Literacy Coalition in such wonderful fashion. I also want to add my own personal thanks for the creativity, expertise, and passion you brought to our meeting. We really cannot thank you enough for your support of our work.“

Susan Choi, PhD, CPHQ
Senior Director, Quality Partnerships & Initiatives
Health Care Improvement Foundation, Philadelphia, PA