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Podcasting Guide: A Little About Technology, A Lot About Getting Started With Audio Interviews

podguideBy Helen Osborne & Adam Weiss. This Podcasting Guide is written for you – someone new to or curious about podcasting. It provides practical, how-to information about creating an audio interview series from two very different perspectives:

  • Helen Osborne is a long-time health literacy consultant, speaker, and writer. For many years, her interest in technology has been purely on a need-to-know basis. She had never been what anyone would consider an early adopter” of new gizmos and gadgets. That is, until Helen learned about podcasting.
  • Adam Weiss is, in many ways, at the other end of the spectrum. As a podcast consultant, media producer, and independent digital media strategist, he has long been interested in and savvy about the latest technology. Adam patiently teaches Helen everything she needs to know about podcasting.

Topics in this Podcasting Guide include: 

  • What are podcasts?
  • Podcasting: Is it right for you?
  • Creating a podcast plan
  • Technology: What do you need?
  • Website to support your podcast
  • Interviewing: What to do before, during, and after each interview
  • Editing: What you or someone else needs to do
  • Marketing: Online and real-world
  • Measuring podcast success
  • Other ways to use podcast content
  • Lessons learned along the way
  • Ways to learn more

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Helen Osborne Speaking on Health Literacy

"Our deepest thanks for helping us to kick off the Pennsylvania Health Literacy Coalition in such wonderful fashion. I also want to add my own personal thanks for the creativity, expertise, and passion you brought to our meeting. We really cannot thank you enough for your support of our work.“

Susan Choi, PhD, CPHQ
Senior Director, Quality Partnerships & Initiatives
Health Care Improvement Foundation, Philadelphia, PA