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Health Literacy Month Handbook

Health Literacy Month Handbook: The Event Planning Guide for Health Literacy Advocates

Health Literacy Month Handbook is a guide to help you create, plan, run, and evaluate Health Literacy Month events. It is intended as a reference to use throughout your planning process.

Topics range from brainstorming ideas and finding people to work with to putting an event together, marketing it, and assessing its effectiveness. It includes examples of events other people have conducted along with their insights and observations about why they made it happen and what the event accomplished. The Health Literacy Month Handbook also includes worksheets, a sample press release, countdown calendar, and other practical tools.

Here’s is a sampling from the Table of Contents:

  • About Health Literacy and Health Literacy Month
  • Getting Started on Your Health Literacy Month Event
    • Creating a vision
    • Specifying measurable objectives
    • Measuring success
    • Building a team
    • Partnering with other organizaitons
    • Enlisting the help of influential others
    • Being part of a larger community
  • Creating the Event
  • Exploring the Range of Possible Events
    • Events for professionals
    • Events for patients, students, and the community at large
    • Events for the media
    • Action and advocacy events
  • Putting It All Together
  • Marketing Your Event
    • Ways to promote Health Literacy Month within your organization
    • Ways to promote Health Literacy Month in your community
    • Ways to promote Health Literacy Month around the world
  • Assessing Your Health Literacy Month Event
  • Appendices: A) Countdown to Health Literacy Month: A List of Things to Do Including When to Do Them, B) Sample Press Release, C) Notes to Me: Assessing the Success of My Health Literacy Month Event.

Health Literacy Month Hero Images

You are welcome to use any, or all, of these Health Literacy Hero images to promote Health Literacy Month. Click the ZIP file below to access all four images in both PDF and PNG formats.

Health Literacy Month Imagery
Health Literacy Month Imagery
Health Literacy Month Imagery
Health Literacy Month Imagery