HLOL Podcasts

Health Literacy

HLOL podcasts are a way for you to listen in as Helen Osborne interviews those “in the know” about health literacy. Here’s a listing of the most recent HLOL podcasts:

  • IOM’s Health Literacy Roundtable (HLOL #114) April 29, 2014
    Lyla Hernandez has been a Senior Program Officer at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) for many years. She served as the study director for projects that include public health, health indicators, genomics, complementary and alternative medicine, and Gulf War veterans’ health. Now, Hernandez is the Staff Director of IOM’s Health Literacy Roundtable. In this podcast, ...
  • Presenting Data in Ways that Work for Most People, Most of the Time (HLOL #113) April 8, 2014
    Sally Bigwood lives in the United Kingdom and has worked in a number of fields including publishing, sales, government, and the UK’s National Health Service. These fields all need to communicate data in ways that everyday folks can understand. To help, Sally Bigwood along with her sister Melissa Spore, founded Plain Figures and co-authored the book, A Designers Guide to Presenting Numbers, Figures, and Charts. In this ...
  • Using Body and Voice to Communicate About Health (HLOL #112) March 25, 2014
    Tom Mucciolo is President of MediaNet, Inc., a presentation skills company based in New York City. For many years, Tom has been helping leaders effectively communicate their messages using scripting, visual design, and delivery skills. He also is on the faculty at New York University. Tom writes extensively about teaching and presentation effectiveness and is ...
  • Dentists and Patients: How to Communicate Clearly (HLOL #111) March 4, 2014
    Dr. Leila Jahangiri is a dentist, clinical professor and department chair in Prosthodontics at New York University College of Dentistry. NYU is the largest dental school in the United States and Dr. Jahangiri has vast experience in teaching and patient care. She focuses a considerable amount of time researching effective communications and is co-author of ...
“As an instructional designer in the Biotech industry, I find Health Literacy Out Loud podcasts extremely valuable! With such a conversational flow, I feel involved in the conversation of each episode. My favorites are about education, education technology, and instruction design as they connect to health literacy. The other episodes, however, do not disappoint. Each presents engaging and new material, diverse perspectives, and relatable stories to the life and work of health professionals.”

James Aird, M.Ed.
Instructional Designer